We help families to manage and order care for their loved ones.

Elfy – Because we care.

We want to help older people of our society to continue to live at home

Elfy connects seniors, families and care workers with an online platform. Elfy matches the right care workers with the needs of your loved ones while handling payment, communication and vitality logs.

Elfy’s mission is to make the process of choosing and managing care for loved ones a positive experience.

  • Get matched with the right care workers without having to contact a bunch of agencies
  • See the profile and the qualitative ratings of the matched care experts
  • The matching includes your loved ones profile information as well as special characteristics if needed
  • Scheduling care is simple, organised and visually appealing

Using Elfy can’t be more simple!


Create a profile for yourself or for a loved one. We guide you through a process of certein health and personality questions. You can add the information yourself or with the help of the Elfy team.

Find your caregiver

We provide you with the right care workers based on how well they match your loved ones needs (health qualifications, skills, experience, training, language, gender, distance). All of our care workers are carefully handpicked to ensure the best Elfy experience.

Obtain Peace of Mind

Receive updates about the provided care and the wellbeing of the people you care about. Know when care experts arrive and leave and what they are doing. Live chat with experts and add family members or friends to help with the management.

There are fundamental changes needed to ensure our aged care system is sustainable, affordable, and above all, offers choice and puts control into the hands of the elderly. Elfy sounds like a very useful and much needed tool for both local governments in charge of government funds and families coordinating care services for their loved ones”.

London's district Tower Hamlet, Care Manager and Coordinator

Want to know when we start in your area?

We work hard at Elfy HQ to create a new caregiving experience that is radically going to change the way you take care of your loved ones. We are about to launch very soon and we are happy having you on board. Let’s keep in touch.


We’ll post our thoughts and approaches on how we want to create the future of elderly care. Feel free to interact with us.

Developing a Better Care System

At Elfy we are selling more than a product, we are selling a service, where most of the customer experience happens outside of our app and website. Similarly to Uber or AirBnb, most of the interaction the people that use our platform have with our service happens in the physical world and conjunctly with other users.

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The power of connection through performing arts

What more can you give to someone who reached their last phase in life, who lost the ability to be independent, who is often lonely and knows what it is to loose friends and loved ones, than a day in which they are seen, where their hearts are touched and where they got to laugh and dance.

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