A multidisciplinary team from all around the world united with one mission.

Meet the team behind Elfy

Electrical, mechanical and software engineer. Wants to leave a dent in the universe by reinventing health care. Product vision.

Jalal Fathi


UI & UX Designer, Art director. Amazed by the UX challenges Elfy has to face.

Lesly Garreau


Perfect combination of online education, movement and teaching.

Relinde Moors

Training and Education

Operation machine with international Start-up experience. Samy grew up in a family of care workers and knows it all.

Samantha Tady


Building Empathy in Technology. Experiences care needs in her family.

Maggie Peterson

Service Design

Farbod is a Radiologist with previous startup experience as well as first-hand experience in the field of senior care.

Farbod Habibi


Health & social care economist (LSE), worked with the Department of Health and the National Institute of Clinical and Care Excellence.

Marija Trachtenberg

Business Development

Talent from Massachusetts with a care needing grandmother in Moscow.

Alexander Maznev


Leading the way in innovation in Primary Care in the UK. Medical director of St Austell Healthcare.

Stewart Smith

Clinical Director